Editing Player Information

We have a new way to access your player's details and guardian information. Now, when you go to your team dashboard you will see your Roster at the bottom of the page. You can easily click the Add a Player button to add a player to your roster. That will take you through the necessary steps to add a player to your team website.

In addition, we added the ability to get a quick view of the details for a player on your team. Just click the "row" (any space around their name) of a player that you would like to see details for. Once you do that then a box will pop up on the right hand side that shows pertinent information on that player. You can also click the little pencil icon next to any of the player information to go back into the edit pages and modify the data for that player.

Click on the row of a player to see their details. 

We will be adding some more fun features to this Roster box in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.

Finding Directions to a Field

Are you looking for directions to your next game? Look no further. You can easily find directions to your next game by going to your team's website. Once you are on your team website then click on either Schedule or Fields.

Click on the name of the Location you want directions to.

The Schedule page will take you to a list of all of your games so that you can find the game that you are looking for and then you can click on the name of the Location that you are playing at. This will take you to the corresponding field page for that location. You can then click on the large image of the map to be taken directly to Google Maps where you can find directions to the field.

Field page for Mid-America Ballyard - Click on the Map to be taken to Google Maps for directions.

The other place that you can find directions is on the team's "Fields" page. When you click on Fields on your team website then you will see a list of all the fields that your team is playing at for the current season. Once again you can click on the name of the field to be taken to the corresponding field page.

Click on the name of the field to be taken to the field page.

And that's it. Now, you can find directions to your game's locations. Good luck teams!


AWWW YEAH! We have some new and sexy improvements to how tournaments are created and linked in our system. Now, anyone can create a tournament and add registration to that tournament. We haven't turned on the payment portion of tournaments yet, but that will be coming soon.

Link tournaments to your organization site.

How to Link a Tournament to your site.
Tournaments can now be linked to an Organization, League, Affiliation, or an Association website. So, if you are the administrator of one of those sites then you can go to your dashboard and click on the new Tournaments button in your menu. Once on this new page you can click on "Link a Tournament" or "Create a New Tournament" to add a tournament to your website. The "Link a Tournament" button allows you to choose from tournaments already in our system. If you want to create a new tournament then just click on that button and fill out the required information. Once you are finished then the new tournament will be linked to your site.

Click on "Link a Tournament" to link a tournament to your Organization, League, Affiliation, or Association site.

The order on the Tournament listing page will allow you to set the look and the order of the tournaments. If you set a tournament to Order 1 then it will show up higher on the list and have the logo of the tournament displayed. This is a way that you can call out your tournament while still listing all of your friends tournaments so that they get more exposure as well.

How to Create a Tournament
To create a tournament login to your dashboard and click on My Tournaments in the left hand menu. This will take you to your tournament listing page. If you already have a tournament that you are the tournament director of, then it will show up in this list. If you want to create a new tournament then just click on "Add" at the top of the page. This will take you through the necessary steps to create your free tournament website. You will want to create individual Events for your tournament so that you can have registration set up for those Events. So, if you have a 10U Event then you would set that up and add the Entry Fee along with all the other pertinent information. If you want registration turned on then click on the "Add Registration" button near the bottom.

Create an Event so teams can register online. 

So, that is it. Now you can create your free tournament website and allow teams to register online all through LeagueTime. You can also use this same tournament website every year to promote your annual tournament and raise money for your organization, or league. Just duplicate your Events and change the year and you will be all set.

Duplicate your Events by clicking on the "Duplicate" button.

Good Luck and Godspeed!

Creating Tryouts

You can now create a tryout that will not only show up on your Team site, but it will now also be pushed to your league site as well if you are linked to a league. Here are the steps to create a tryout on your Team site and the League site.

Step 1)
Login and click on My Teams on the left hand navigation menu. Then click on the name of the team that you want to add a tryout to. When you click on the name of the team it will take you to your Team Dashboard where you can manage all of the content on your Team site.

Step 2)
Once you are on your Team Dashboard you can click on Content Manager and then in the drop down menu select Tryouts.

Click on Tryouts under Content Manager

Step 3)
Now that you are in the Tryouts area you can click on the big +Add button to begin creating your Tryout.

Step 4)
Add in all the appropriate information and click on the Submit button. This will save the Tryout to your public Team site (located under the More menu). If your team is part of a league that is also using LeagueTime for its league website then your Tryout will automagically show up under the league's public website in the Tryouts area.

Good Luck!