Create League Registrations

League Registration is Now Available to all league sites. You must now create a league registration in order to add teams to your league. However, teams can still pay offline or online. View the short video below or follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login and go to your League Dashboard.
Once you have logged in you will want to click on the My Leagues link on the left hand side. That will take you to a list of all of your leagues. Click on the league name that you want to add a registration to. That will take you to your league dashboard page.

Step 2: Go to your Seasons page.
Your seasons page is where you create a season, such as Fall 2014 or Summer 2015. A season is needed in order to add teams to your league. To get to your seasons page just click on League Manager, and then Seasons.

Click on League Manager, then Seasons.

Step 3: Add a new Season to your league.
On the Season list page, click on the "Add" button under the league name and continue to add your season details. At a minimum, you have to add what season (spring, fall, summer, etc) that your league will be playing in and the year it starts. If you turn the online registration button on then you will need to add a registration start and end date. You can also add offline payment information and turn on online payments here as well. If you turn on online payments, then you must enter in a PayPal email address in order to receive payments.

Add a Season, Online Registration, and Online Payments.

Step 3: Add Season Registrations.
Once you have finished entering the relevant data on the Season Creation page then you can click on the "Save and Continue" button which will take you to your new Season Registration page. This is where you will be able to begin adding different registrations for your season. For example, if you want to create a registration for 10 year old teams and have it be $100 then you would create that here. If you have one price for all of your age levels then you can create one registration with that price. Just click on the "Add Registration" button to begin adding a registration to your season.

Click the "Add Registration" button to create a new registration for your season.

On the new Add Registration page you can enter in all the details for teams to be able to register for your league. You will need to fill out all the details. The registration fee is how much it will cost to play in your league. On the right hand side you will see the Revenue, Expenses, and Net totals all automatically update as you add in the Registration Fee. LeagueTime takes a 2% fee for anyone who pays online. PayPal also takes a small fee for each transaction. You will see the Expenses update and the Net will be what you will receive after the LeagueTime and PayPal expenses are taken out. So, if you want to add a Convenience Fee to cover the processing fees then you can add that in as well and the Net Total will automatically update to reflect the amount of money you will receive. Once you hit the "Save" button your registration will be added to the current Season. You can continue to add more Registrations, for different age levels or different groups of play.

Fill out the neccessary details for you New Registration.

Step 4: Checking the default Season.
If you have multiple Seasons on your league, such as Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, then you will want to set which Season will be your "Default" Season. To do this click on League Manager, and then Seasons. You will want to click the radio button next to the Season that will be set as the default. The "Default" season is the one users will see when they visit your site. So, if you want users to see the "Fall Season" teams, standings, and registrations then you will want to set the Fall Season as the "Default" season.

The Spring/Summer 2015 Season being set as the "Default" season.

Step 5: See your registration in action.
To see your registration in action you need to click on the big blue button that says "Go to League Page." This will take you to the public website that all of your users will see. 

Once on the League website you should see a large registration box in the top right corner of the page. This is what users should click on if they want to register for your league.

Click on the Register Now button to see your Registrations that you created.

Users wanting to register for your website will now see all of your Registrations available for your Season. Once they click on the "Register" button they will be taken through the process of registering for your league and paying you online if you turned that functionality on.

All of your registrations will be listed for users to choose from.

And that is it! You now have set up a season for your league, and created online registrations for teams to register and pay you online.

Good luck running your league, and remember to always have fun!

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