Schedule Games on a Tournament Event

Have you created your tournament and all of your events and now you want to schedule games and add scores and stats to those games? Look no further because you are in the right place! Here is how you can schedule games on your events.

Step 1: Go to your Tournament Dashboard
Click on My Tournaments and then click on the tournament that you want to schedule games on. This will take you to your Tournament Dashboard and you should see a list of your events like the image below.

This is your Tournament Dashboard - Click on the name of an Event, like "10U National" to go to that Event.

Step 2: Click on the name of the Event that you want to add games to.
Once you are on your Tournament Dashboard then you can click on one of the events that you have already created. Click on the name of the event to be taken to your Event Dashboard. The Event Dashboard is where you will be able to manage all of the details for that event. To schedule games on that particular event you will click on the "Schedule" button in the menu bar.

Click on the "Schedule" button on the menu bar.
Step 3: Add a Game or Edit/Delete/Score a game
Once you are looking at your Schedule page you can either schedule a new game for your event or you can edit, delete, or add a score to an already existing game. Just click on the pencil icon to edit the details of a game on your schedule or click on the little bar chart icon to add a score and stats to a game that has already been played. You can also delete a game by clicking on the trash can next to a game if it does not have a score on it. The last icon is a "Swap Home/Away" teams button that will switch the home and away teams.

Click on the icons on the right of a game to edit/delete/add a score or swap home and away teams.
And that is it... We will also have our "Auto-Scheduler" coming soon which will let you automatically generate pool play schedules and brackets. Stay tuned for those updates, and good luck with your tournaments!!

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