Editing Player Information

We have a new way to access your player's details and guardian information. Now, when you go to your team dashboard you will see your Roster at the bottom of the page. You can easily click the Add a Player button to add a player to your roster. That will take you through the necessary steps to add a player to your team website.

In addition, we added the ability to get a quick view of the details for a player on your team. Just click the "row" (any space around their name) of a player that you would like to see details for. Once you do that then a box will pop up on the right hand side that shows pertinent information on that player. You can also click the little pencil icon next to any of the player information to go back into the edit pages and modify the data for that player.

Click on the row of a player to see their details. 

We will be adding some more fun features to this Roster box in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.